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CRM activity and contact capture / Contact maintenance and enrichment.
Daily, automated, AI-enabled forecasting.
Recommendations, risks, and alerts to
guide focus.
AI-generated opportunity odds to measure activity effectiveness.
Recommended connections into to each and every buyer to support social selling.

Advanced collaboration to ensure alignment around buyers.

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A platform designed for agile sales execution. Collective[i] addresses the root causes of issues standing in the way of revenue growth.
Collective[i] provides the most comprehensive solution on the market for companies seeking to optimize revenue using AI, connections, and collaboration.
Picture a world where all of the challenges of selling… Are converted into advantages.

Intelligent WriteBack™

Automation that produces radical improvements in productivity.

Intelligent WriteBack (IWB) automates CRM data capture from any tool sellers use, to eliminate the need for manual logging. It can also capture data from approved non-CRM users, like members of your legal team or a reseller, to keep customer contacts up-to-date. IWB cleanses and enriches CRM data and contacts, for productivity gains of 15-20% (depending on the level of rigor we replace). IWB also helps clients comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Using Intelligent WriteBack™, activities and contacts are automatically captured, cleansed, and updated while sellers work.

Some of the leaders
in our network

Picture a world where all of the
challenges of selling..

Are converted into advantages.


Experience productivity gains starting at 20%.


Forecast with 97%+ accuracy.


revenue growth
by 10-30%.


Launch within a month.

Every company is talking transformation.

We can help you transform your data into powerful insights powered by AI.

What are the core challenges Collective[i] solves?

Collective[i] solves for the root causes of lost productivity, poor CRM data quality, and inconsistent revenue forecasting. With the automation, insights, transparency, and deep collaboration we provide, sellers spend their time selling, managers coaching, and revenue enablement/operations training and optimizing how the organization operates. The goal is to leverage AI and help focus teams on the highest value activities that are directly tied to revenue growth

Is Collective[i] a replacement for CRM?

Collective[i] is not a replacement for CRM. We are an essential compliment to it. Our application radically improves CRM data quality and at the same time provides the sales team with the timely intelligence they need to focus and execute.

Why is Collective[i] a leader in this space?

Other sales technologies focus on improving sales process. Collective[i] is unique in that our intelligence buyer/situation specific. We help companies adapt and respond rapidly to the modern buyer with higher value interactions. Most other solutions to common sales challenges (forecasting, for example) omit external factors that impact sales and fail in the post-COVID world.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Collective[i] is a finished application. Typical launch times range between 2-4 weeks.

What out of the box integrations do you have with other tools?

Collective[i] integrates with all of the major CRM providers (SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, etc.), email, calendar, conferencing, CPQ, and most other standard work tools leveraged by marketing, sales, and customer success. Custom integrations may be available upon request.

How do I know my data is protected and not being shared with others?

At Collective[i], our first priority is keeping your data private and secure. To learn more see our Trust Center.